A stamp for Bordalo Pinheiro


September 09-13


30 hours



Participants with interest in graphic arts, from design areas, fine arts or other areas, with drawing skills, that want an induct in traditional printing lab. Aged 18 or over.



Taking the Universe of “Bordalo Pinheiro’s ceramic works” as a starting point, this course aims at promoting the use of traditional printing skills in a print lab environment. Participants are expected to gain introduction skills in “Lino-cutting” and “Silkscreen printing”, as well as matrix preparation while designing a proposal for an imaginary stamp that illustrates Bordalo’s universe and factory. Participants are also expected to acquire specific skills in “Lino” and Silkscreen printing: a) to be able to map and transfer a design to a “Lino” matrix or Screen; b)  to acquire basic knowledge in colour preparation and medium selection for the calcographic press and the silkscreen system


This course develops the relationship between the city of Caldas-da-Rainha, the School of Arts and Design (ESAD), and Bordalo Pinheiro ceramic Factory, by promoting the creation of an imaginary Stamp that illustrates Bordalo’s Universe.
As an induction to this universe, a visit to the actual factory is planned while work is in progress as well as a visit to the Bordalo’s ceramic factory museum.

Additionally, there is to be a walk-by through the Old City’s streets focusing on the works that the factory developed for the city namely, road signs and building coatings with tile designs.
After the induction participants are to design proposals for a Stamp that illustrates Bordalo’s universe. These are  to be printed in “Lino” and silkscreen.