Understanding frames, developing images


July 15-19


35,5 hours



General public with interest in acquire basic skills in photography. Aged 18 or over.



To understand the use of a digital SLR, exposure, shutter speeds, aperture control, depth of field and composition;

To learn how to use the “Adobe Camera Raw” conversion of “RAW files”, i.e. Camera Raw workflow; processing of RAW files; RAW versus JPEG; the histogram; colour spaces- sRGB, “Adobe RGB 1998” and Prophoto RGB;

To Learn how to use the “Photoshop Software” application, i.e. basic controls, image sizing, sharpening and printing preparation. 


The workshop is divided into three parts over the five days.

The first part happens in the first and second day and it will be dedicated to understand the use of digital SLR, and to the practice of photography. A trip to “MIMO” – Museum of Image and Movement, will also take place during this period.

The second part occurs in the third day, and it is set for learning Camera Raw skills. Photographs taken in previous days will be processed.  

The third part take place during the fourth and fifth days, and it will be devoted to Photoshop introduction and image preparing for printing.

Participants will be supervised by two faculty’s members that will always be present throughout the workshop.


Required equipment: Digital SLR.