Ask us!


Until when can I apply for a course?
This varies from course to course. Deadlines are mentioned on each course page. Placement is based on the order of payment.
What happens if the course(s) I want to take are cancelled?
If you have joined for a course and that course will be cancelled, we will notify you by e-mail.  You may apply for another course at that time or we can reimburse the course fee. Please check our regulations for more information about the cancellation policy of ESAD.CR Summer School.



Can I get a refund if I have to cancel the course?
Unfortunately, due to commitments with suppliers and the short period between the end of registration and the start of the course, we can not reimburse you for cancellation. Please check our regulations for more information about the cancellation policy of ESAD.CR Summer School.
How can I pay the course fee?
After your application has been submtited, you will receive a payment request by e-mail. You can pay online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).  You will receive an ireceipt after we have registered your payment.It is not possible to pay in cash on the day of your arrival.



Where will the summer course take place?
The academic part of the course will take place on the campus 3 of the IPL, the ESAD.CR. Some courses, due to its specificity will have activities in places specially selected for the purpose. All transports are included on the summer course fees. You can check the different places in the course’s schedule, on the website of ESAD.CR Summer School.
When will I receive the course materials?
The course materials will be handed out on the first day of the course.
How many courses can I take during the summer?
You can make any combination of courses that take place successively. Considering the fact that all courses are full time you cannot take several courses in the same period.
Are the courses taught in English?
Yes, all courses are taught in English.Can I bring my partner?Yes, but only as long as he/she is also a summer student. Keep in mind that this case will not be considered for the room assignment.



Where will I stay?
All students will be accommodated in the European Hotel (3 star hotel) which is integrated into a commercial gallery located in the center of Caldas da Rainha (Almirante Cândido dos Reis Street). This hotel is within walking distance of ESAD.CR (about 12 minutes).
Are meals included in the fee?
All meals except arriving day  and last day dinner are included in the fee. You can follow the meals different places in the course’s schedule, on the website of ESAD.CR Summer School.
 When can I move into my accommodation?
You can get into your hotel room after 2 p.m. of the day of arrival – Sunday.
When do I have to leave my room?
You have to leave your hotel room until midday of the departure day – Saturday.
Is accommodation included in the course fee?
Yes, between Sunday and Saturday of the week of the course. You will be accommodated for six nights at the European Hotel.



Are meals included in the fee?

 All meals, except the meal on the arrival day  and last day dinner, are included in the fee (with  exception for the Theatre Interpretation Course). You can follow the meals different locations in the course’s schedule, on the website of ESAD.CR Summer School.

Before you leave

What is the nearest airport to the campus?

The nearest airport is the Lisbon airport .

There is a   bus (Aeroshuttle) to get to  “Sete Rios”, the bus station where you can buy your trip ticket to Caldas da Rainha. The Aeroshuttle (Carris’s Bus number 96) is available every day, every 30 minutes, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. You can buy the ticket inside the bus or at the desk of Lisbon’s Tourism and CARRISTUR (both of them located at the arrivals area).
Once at Sete Rios, you should buy an “Expresso” bus ticket to Caldas da Rainha (a distance of about 84 km). The timetable can be consulted here.

When can I go to the campus?

Anytime you want to. However classes only start on Monday morning for most of the courses. For further information you can see the ESAD.CR website, right here.
What contact information can I give to my relatives?You can give them the following address:To: (here you fill in your own name)C/o ESAD.CR Summer SchoolRua Isidoro Inácio Alves de Carvalho

2500-321 Caldas da Rainha

They can reach ESAD.CR Summer School by:

Phone number:  00351 262 830 900


Does ESAD.CR Summer School arrange airport pick-up?
No, airport pick up is not possible. Our students come from different places at different time. You can get our support to give you all the information you need to do it safely and quickly.
Do I need to speak Portuguese?
Not at the summer course, because all classes are taught in english. In your daily routine at the city, you will  find people who speaks english, specially the younger ones. Everybody will try to understand you, in spite of any language difficulty. However, foreigners’ efforts to say a few words in Portuguese are always appreciated.
Do I need insurance?
ESAD.CR Summer School provides an insurance for students when in academic activities. Please make sure that you have your own travel insurance which covers medical costs, liabilities, accidents and expatriation to your home country in case of emergencies.


During your stay

Where can I go with questions during the summer school?
Our support office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the entire Summer School period. Our staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you might have. Whether you need help with registration, are not sure how to access the computer, or want to know what’s going on around Caldas da Rainha, we’re here to help. On our campus there is always a staff member present during week days.
What should I do in case of emergency?
 In case of accidents or sudden illness requiring immediate action, call the general emergency number, tel. 112 (24 hours a day) or the Emergency Service at the hospital (Centro Hospitalar do Oeste Norte (CHON). During the day you can ask your contact person for advice or come by at the Summer School office.
What is the average cost of living in Portugal?
Compare Portugal to other countries’ average cost of living here.
Do you offer computer facilities?
ESAD.CR Summer School students will receive a computer account. Students will have access to the extensive computer facilities at Campus 3 – Library.
Can I use the library facilities?
Students at ESAD.CR Summer School can study at the campus. library.  The library offers an extensive collection of literature, computer facilities and study areas. Summer School students are not allowed to borrow books from the library but can use the reading rooms for as long as they need. Library is open week days  from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Social program

Do I need to buy tickets to join social activities?

No, all the social activities are included in the summer course fee. The social program differs for each course and some courses do organise course specific excursions that may be related to the course topic. You can follow the social activity in the course’s schedule, on the website of ESAD.CR Summer School.
What kind of activities will be organised during the summer course?
The social programme contains various social and cultural activities.You can follow the social activity in the course’s schedule, on the website of ESAD.CR Summer School. During the weekends there is an EXTRA Cultural Program organized by a partner of ESAD.CR Summer School, that you can buy separately from the summer course.


EXTRA Cultural program

Do I need to buy an extra cultural program to join its activities?
Yes, the cultural program is an extra opportunity to know Lisbon, Portugal’s capital. This program is offered by a partner of  ESAD.CR Summer School for two days (Saturday and Sunday) of adventure or cultural guide. This program will give you a differente expecience of living the city and feel the Portuguese skills and flavours.